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Fun for ALL, not just people with bad dye-jobs and terrible skin.

I know I destroyed The Ring in the last post, but I maybe should’ve held off on that because it’s not like there aren’t still several more days of the month left.  Now we just have to awkwardly sit around and pass the time until we can resume our regular operations, free from this hellish burden.

Remember a few days ago when I mentioned trying to track down something special for the final installment of these posts, a rarely seen interview with voice actor Rikki Simons?  Well, I’m still waiting to hear from the guy that said he saw bits of it to let me know if he can send me any information on it.  I’ve not seen the thing myself, but I guess it was to be included in a documentary about people’s favorite old cartoons and the personalities behind them.  I’d be all about showing more than just Rikki, not that that isn’t enough, but the thing never got completed from what I hear, and all that’s left is bits and pieces of footage, unedited and mostly unwatchable.

Not holding my breath on that, though, as even Rikki himself doesn’t remember doing the interview and it doesn’t sound like what’s there is all that interesting in anything other than for the curiosity factor.

So these last couple of days are going to be like finishing a race when the top slots have already been won and the people still hanging around near the finish line are the ones cleaning up the cups and detritus left behind by the people who are now already home or sitting in their nicely heated cars.
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