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INVADER ZIM Fact #31: Encounter at Bloaty-point

Can’t have a final ZIM Fact without a ST:TNG reference, right?

You can, actually, but it’s too late to go back now.

Looka that artwork up there!  Thanks to Vincent Perea for the beautiful likeness and for being one of the three people who read every single one of these entries.  Check out Vincent’s work over at HIS WEBSITE! I am currently ahead of him at a Words with Friends game by ten million points.  Vincent did all that shmancy artwork for the Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, so he’s pretty good at what he does, but he can’t match my masterful use of the word ‘fart’ for more points than he’ll ever see in a lifetime.

In case you forgot, I started writing these at the start of the month to coincide with INVADER ZIM airing for just one month only, this grizzled month that we’re now seeing come to an end.  That ZIM was actually airing I can’t say I verified with my own eyes as the only things my television is hooked up to are a power outlet, a receiver, and a variety of gaming consoles.  If ZIM was back on the air I didn’t see it, but some people have told me they’ve been watching it, enjoying it, and even not throwing up while watching it and they seemed liked reliable sorts.

I probably had more fun writing all this stuff than anyone had reading it, and that’s pretty much what it’s about – my selfish enjoyment of myself.  Still, I wanna thank the people who’ve been checking these out tirelessly and even those who can’t stand this shit but have been enjoying the show all these hundreds of years.

It’s people like you who make me a bit sorry that I don’t have anything better to finish off the month with, having counted on getting something rare and amusing to leave you off on.  The “rare” video interview with Rikki Simons, the voice of Gir,  I’ve been promising over the past weeks turned out to be sort of a bust as it’s just the usual thing only this time worse.  I searched around online for other interviews with the guy and found some pretty bad stuff on youtube, and this lil’ thing I’m uploading for you isn’t that much more informative.

Still, we had some fun, and I, for what it’s worth, this video is at least new, and I know some of you guys are just completists.  That’s something, yeah?

Anyhow, thanks again, and have fun.

Rikki Simons and Eric "da fist" Trueheart in happier pizza restaurants.

Actually, a bit of info on the video:  It’s apparently a fragment from a documentary about voice actors by “Ani-Mazing” Magazine, one of the many publications I’ve never had the pleasure of taking with me to the bathroom.  The thing never got completed, and Rikki was actually the last person the filmmakers interviewed.  That’s just what the guy told me who gave me this thing.  If you ask me, AniMAZING Magazine should have stuck with magazines because the interview sucks as far as interviews go, and the sound and camera work is just awful.  The title of this last post comes from something the interview touches on, that Rikki, besides playing the lovable GIR, also played the lovable Bloaty the Pig.


Anyhow, here’s the thing.  Knock your socks off if it’s your cuppa.

Until the future!



ZIM Facts, say your peace, for the reaper is giving you the bloody eye.

You’re not a kid anymore, INVADER ZIM Facts!  You’d better shape up and get your priorities straight because it’s not all fun and games now, you hear?  No more galavanting around and thinking you’ve got forever to leave your mark.  You see the dark at the end of this tunnel you just thought went on forever and ever now, don’t you?  I know you do.  There’s just one more day of this left, so I hope you have your affairs in order before I take you out behind the shed and put you down with the ol’ shotgun.  That’s right, just like we did Grampa.

But you’re here for today, and isn’t today, right now for that matter, this very moment all that we truly ever have?  Live for this moment, try not to think about the horrific nothingness of the void that awaits in so little time, the empty dread of having your being dissolve into zero, and then that which isn’t even zero, for even zero is something, and you shall simply be nothing.

Forget I said that.  You just try to have fun, yeah?  Good.

Wow.  30.  How about that?  Did you ever think we’d get this far?  I sure didn’t.  I’m walking around looking over my shoulder every couple of seconds, wondering when some of the people featured in these entries will decide I’ve said too much, and try to take me down, or when a rift in space-time will open up like an angry, white-hot anus in the very fabric of things, and shit out a time-traveling toddler bent on revenge.
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Future-Baby, huh? More like Future-LIE-by, am I right?!

This shall be the twenty-nineiest post of all, no doubt about it.

I’ve been thinking about Future-Baby a lot since yesterday, probably same as you.  So here’s this person writing from the distant future, born just days prior to where we are in the present, and yet he’s still going by “Future-Baby”?  Does that add up to you?  Are they still a baby, and if so, do you refer to someone as a baby decades after they were born?  Is adulthood determined entirely by the condition of one’s body, is baby-status based on the same criteria as that?  I’d posit that one could look baby-like long after they were born, trapped in a body that, physically, appeared to be a baby’s body, but that that person’s experiences would change them into something that wasn’t infantile at all.

Future-Baby wrote me a very non-baby-like letter.  Babies don’t write letters, right?  So what’s this person’s deal?  To identify yourself as being from the future from the point of view of the person you are addressing in the past is one thing, because that’s kind of cool and fucks with your head in a pretty neat way, but then to say you’re also a baby?  That’s just playing your hand in such a way as to let the reader in on how messed up you are inside.  Future-Baby, indeed.
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I want to talk about yesterday, okay?

Yesterday’s post was very obviously hurt by my having to deal with a few unexpected hurdles, and those hurdles took precedent over what has, thus far, been my sole reason for existing: my selfless mission to help you understand what it is to be human, to be a sentient being whose awareness is not clouded by lies, and to just stuff your head with the truth the way a sausage-lord crams filling into a sausage casing.

You are my sausage casings, and my fistfuls of truth-stuffings are at the ready.  I’m a lot better at this than when I first started out, so I no longer literally have the metal tubs sloshing around with stuffings that I have screamed truths into.  I’m not even sure why I thought that would work!  Hah!  Those poor first few test subjects!  Ah, education.

As a result of my generally relentless dedication to the cause, a glaring lapse in attention as demonstrated by yesterday’s anemic post stands out more than it would if I went with my usual instincts, and shat out a crappy post day after day instead of blinding you with brilliance as I so regularly do.
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Really no  time for a post at all today.  Some weird shit going down with this guy and the Rikki interview tape.  A lot of trouble I’m going through, just to give you guys something that sounds boring as hell by the descriptions of it.  Still, I have to drive out to the middle of nowhere to get the tape in person, because the guy apparently has never heard of copying and uploading stuff.

So, yeah, I’m on my way out of here in just a sec, but I have just enough time to maybe drop a wee fact on you for today.


Frank Conniff did not like what I revealed about his abilities and is now pounding on my door.  He has possessed the body of a grizzly bear and is trying to get into my house.  I have shot him ten times and all that does is make him angrier.

I am so sorry for everything I have ever done.

Oh, god…oh god the wall is coming down!

I have