QUESTION SLEEP is the official internet prison built to contain the malevolent forces collectively known as Jhonen Vasquez. Throughout time these generally chaotic forces have, on occasion, by chance or some unknowable plan, worked together to create various works in the comics and animation field.

Early comic book manifestations of these rare joint efforts include Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, SQUEE!, and I Feel Sick. Researchers/mad idiots have argued, for as long as humans became aware of “Jhonen Vasquez”, that The Bad Art Collection should or shouldn’t be included in that list. The fact is, the Bad Art Collection does  exist, but perhaps not as a result of any pooling of awareness. We may never know the reason for the book’s existence, but we do know I made it mostly during classes in high school…I mean…the unknowable forces made it. Unknowable forces, ladies and gentlemen.

Early success in comics led an unprepared Jhonen Vasquez to a life of easily accessible debauchery, made only worse when Hollywood came calling, a Hollywood named Burbank. Soon, I… I mean the alien storm-mind known as Jhonen Vasquez was working in animation as creator of INVADER ZIM.

And then… everything went to hell.

Okay, nothing went to hell. I was just trying to sound like one of those shows about celebrities who live shitty lives, but the fact is, things are alright, and I live the life many artists dream of, only it’s not my dream in particular, so as I draw my monsters, write my stories and parade around with all those supermodels that drop their pants at the sight of a guy who rants about how awesome it would be if this one monster were pitted against a bear, as I do these things, I stare out the window dreaming of what things would have been like if I had just stuck with the triangle lessons.