Mini Print for Comicon 2011!`

Here’s the print! I’ll be exchanging 30 of these for shady favors (or $35) at Comicon starting on Friday. Same deal as previous cons, I don’t sell this to anyone unless they utter a particular phrase, in this case “I SHORE WUHD LAHK ONE’A DEM PRINTS.” I’d be glad to hear it in a really nice southern drawl.

Each 8″x 11″ print is signed and has a hand-drawn knife on it, each of them unique to the print. They are hand printed in that I used my hand to turn on the printer.

These little test prints generally sell out at the conventions in a day or two, so they’ll probably not be available afterwards unless some filthy type puts them on ebay for more than I’d wanna pay. This is a trial image for a larger screen print I’ll do, though the image itself will likely be altered a bit for the final version and won’t have the customized aspect.

If you need more info on my comicon doings, read this older post and understand everything!