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Emerald City Comicon Approaches, AND SO DO I.

Are you going to The Emerald City Comicon this coming weekend?  Really?  SO AM I!  Wow, what are the chances, huh?  We should be best friends or at least complete strangers separated by the distance of a convention booth.

And what a fine booth it shall be:  THE TOPATOCO BOOTH.  I know, it’s not my usual SLG booth, but SLG won’t be there, and the Topatoco people were nice enough to let me squat with them for a bit.

I also have a discussion panel on Saturday at 5PM in room 3AB, but it’s going on at the same time as George Takei’s panel, so if I’m not at my own panel just go ahead and ask my empty chair questions and it’ll probably be way more tolerant than I would have been!

As usual, I’ll have some prints sewn into my body and it’ll be up to you to use the specially supplied tongs to extract them.  I might also just be carrying them around in a little case, so if you don’t see the tongs you’ll have to assume they’re in the case.

It’ll be kind of a NNY-sack since it’s just jammed full of JTHM related stuff, the Floor Damage Prints and some Johnny headshots I printed up since people seem to like having photos signed.

The Floor Damage prints’ll eventually go up for sale on $Z.99 and are $60.   I’m not sure about the headshots, yet.  I’ll have around 20 of those in my insides/carrying case, and those’ll be 25 bucks since they’re smaller than my usual mini prints.  Each one will have a hand inked cockroach on it.  Could that roach be Mr. Samsa?  I DUNNO…it kind of looks like him, but then again he looks exactly like a regular cockroach.  Pretty mysterious.  Either way, buy a print and I’ll maybe give you one of those little Z? stickers I had made.  WHAT A BARGAIN?  (not really a bargain)


Robo mini-prints for Comikaze Expo!

As four of you may know, I’ll be at the Comikaze Expo starting tomorrow, November 5-6.  I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing there, but my friend talked me into going and now I kind of hate him, so that’s pretty cool.  I’m a “guest of honor” at the thing, and that means I get to sleep with any man’s wife first on the day of their wedding.

Anyhow, as is my way, I’ll be there with a fresh clutch of customized mini-prints, just out of sight (stuffed down my pants).

This time around it’s a print with robots and an inventor lady who, I’m just gonna guess, makes robots.  Each print is signed and has a custom, leaky, floating, disembodied robot head inked right onto it by one of my body parts (I’m not telling! HEEHEE!)

Same setup as the past couple of times I’ve done this: I’ll have only 30 prints on me, each print is $35 and can be purchased after delivering unto me the password.  The password is secret, so I will tell it to you right now.


What isn’t necessary, but would be greatly appreciated is if you could say it with a kind of easy going, souther drawl as if you were sipping a mint julep and just sitting on that there porch of yours, waiting for the kids to come home only they’ll never come home because you don’t have any only you’ve just gone mad from loneliness and old age.

Also, on the Beep Boop Boop part, maybe you could do a little robot dance.  Yeah.  Yeah…you know what I like.


 If you’re planning on going, I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday signing THINGS and being on panels where I’m just confused and mumbling.  CHECK IT OUT!

Steakfist’s Escape Into Gallery Nucleus!

First, my Steakfist’s Escape Into Dimension 10 giclee print is now up on Gallery Nucleus’s webstore.  Thanks to everyone who showed up for my signing at their booth to get pick one up.  I like to see what sort of people are attracted to the work I do, and that signing made me pretty certain that I don’t like ANY OF YOUR FACES.  Thanks!  Buy prints, you horrible-headed bastards.

Second, The Bolt Cougher giclee print is now cheaper.  I had been hearing stories from people who were buying prints and not having money left over to feed their children, and was feeling pretty bad about that.