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ZERO DAY Posters over at TopatoCo

Just like the title says, the Zero Day posters I had available only at last year’s San Diego Comicon are now available for you to tape to your windshields or however it is you guys like to commit suicide.  I dunno.

Ladies and gentlemen: BUGS! BUGS BUGS!

When these sell out, that’s it for this version of the poster.  I can’t count, but the people over at TopatoCo tell me there are around 170 of these guys left, so get them while they’re still hot (being in San Diego made them very hot).

If”n you recall, the poster is a revised version of the album cover I did for MC Frontalot’s Zero Day album. I told Front that when these posters sell out I’d buy him a falafel.  That was last July.  FRONT HAS NOT EATEN SINCE JULY.

Please help his dream come true.

And in case you missed it, also over at the TopatoCo store is the new Meatghost shirt.  What better thing to wrap your poster in than a new shirt?  Probably a lot of stuff, maybe, but I’m going to suggest the shirt anyhow.

Baby Beehead.

What do you do while you’re eating all of my food?  Well, if you’re J.R. Goldberg, you make an insanely cool poster based on my epic Baby Beehead story as featured in the new American classic, Jellyfist.

It’s very much an elaborated upon version of the character from the comic, so much so that each individual bee now has its own character.  My personal favorites include the “Astroboy” Bee, and the “Sucking on Sombrero” Bee, while others, like “Middle Aged Woman” Bee, and any of the others that look like normal human heads with gimpy bee bodies, just upset me.

Yesss, Baby Beehead has come a long way since being scrawled about in an old notebook of mine who knows how many years ago, almost taking on illustrated life in a project I was doing with Crab Scrambly that got scrapped in favor of Everything Can be Beaten.  But now, here he is, for you to gaze into and lose days of your life trying to pick out all the different bees you might recognize.

Should be out right alongside the Ambush at Prayer Time poster, appearing first at the San Diego Comicon and then in stores both online and in actual physical life.  Amazing, I know.


Ambush at Prayer Time – Update

The proofs have come in for the new poster, and they look pretty good, which means they’ll very likely be there at the San Diego Comicon for all lovers of fine art-bees to snatch up to help me sustain my perfectly respectable habits.

A few readers wrote, in response to my mention of the poster on my Twitter, faces slick with panic, clutching at their throats to aid their dread-choked breathing.  These are generally the sort of people I try to avoid as they’re usually so clammy and unpleasant with desperation in their bulging eye ( just the one), but in this case, it’ll pass because they had a valid question: Will the poster be on sale anywhere but at the Comicon.  The answer is a resounding sure I guess so why not I suppose so leave me alone I’m eating please get out of my house.

Long story short, the posters will be available to all the children of the planet, or at least the ones with access to the internet or any decent local stores with the good taste to order this incredible work of something.  No exact date for the release, but the end of July sounds about right.