There’s a Con for Invaders, ya know?

Did you know there was a convention dedicated to INVADER ZIM going on soon?  I had heard about INVADERCON last year but didn’t really imagine it being a real thing, more like one of those bazillions of stories I hear about things I’m somewhat connected to only with absolutely no basis in reality.  As it got closer to 2011 it became more and more obvious that it was actually happening and was actually snatching up a few guest appearance from actors, writers and crew like Richard Horvitz, Andy Berman, Rikki Simons and Kevin Manthei, with a special appearance by one of the janitors that would come in at night and clean up all the food that we’d just let fall from our mouths when we were done eating.

I’ve had a lot of people asking if I was going to be part of this celebration of cartoon screaming and anger, and I’ll just say it:  I will not be attending!

Conventions in general aren’t really my most comfortable places to be, so I keep my attendance down to maybe one per year, that one being the San Diego Comicon.  It’s usually a great chance to replenish my stock of cute fangirls that I use to run the generators down in the sub-basement.  They start out crazy cute and such, yeah, but a few months pushing pushing the wheel Conan-style does something real nasty to them and they have to be put down eventually.

Strange as it is to think of one dedicated solely to something I created, I hope it goes alright for the guests and the fans because, come on, how great is it that people give so much of a shit that they’d go through this much bother to remember a show that has been off the air for almost 40 years now?  While some hunched over internet ghoul, alone in their musty cave, lungs cancerous from the red hot  cheeto-dust heavy air, is thinking up nasty things to say about the people attending a ZIM convention, the actual fans will be rolling around in cartoon-loving ecstasy, naked and wild like a mass snake mating, their bodies intertwined in a lustful roiling so dense just the visual alone makes me want to throw up, partially out of envy and partially because it’s just sickening.

Not so sickening as to make me not see just how amazingly cool it is that people are insane enough to throw an entire convention centered around something I dreamed up in a hot dog-induced stupor (as is my usual creative method).  So you guys who are going, and those of you who decided to put this thing together, kick ass, ya know?

One of the best things about it all is that proceeds from each ticket sold go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, which is maybe off-theme as ZIM would likely support GIVING diabetes to kids, but not everything ZIM does is cool by my standards.  I’d say if you’ve been on the fence about going to this thing, give it a go and know that your fun (or horror) is also supporting a good cause.

Personally, I can’t wait to see the photos of costumes the people’ll be wearing at that thing.  If anyone beats this Poop Dog costume, I’ll be mightily impressed:

Come on...that's pretty freakin' awesome.

I think there should be a Bloaty the Pig costume contest, or at least a special category for Bloaties (Bloati?)  I’ve always been fairly bummed to never have seen one.

P.S:  I gave Rikki a few tips on how to prepare for his convention, so don’t be surprised if he shows up with a Pyramid Head-scale sword for just mowing down people that think they’re the first person to ever sing the Doom Song at him.

Look what your hugs have done to MEEEE!


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