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JTHM signed headshot prints entering retirement!



One of the first items to go up in my tiny webstore, this print is feeling old and its knees are all wobbly, and it’s time to say goodbye to it as we put it on a boat and set that boat on fire, just like a viking, or that old lady that was being mean to the neighborhood cats.

Grab it by Sunday and say a prayer to PRINT JESUS that this print has a good journey.

$Z.99, JTHM Prints and Upcoming Convention Appearances.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written up an update about pretty much anything, so there’s maybe too much to talk about, but this particular one will focus on just what the hell is up with the $Z.99 store, those JTHM screen prints that’ve been sitting around since December, and some upcoming appearances like Wondercon and Emerald City Comicon.


$Z.99?  Well, it’s CURSED.  CURSED I say.  My webstore has been in various states of functionality for maybe two years now, but it’s never been exactly what it was supposed to be, a place to sell my prints as well as a hub that links to all the other products of mine that are being sold on various other sites on the internet, like the SLG store and the Gallery Nucleus stuff, not to mention the TopatoCo store.

$Z.99 was working alright as the former, just a place to sell some prints , but the site seems to eat up designers and swallow them whole when they attempt to make the site do that other thing.  Basically, I want one relatively seamless experience for visitors, a site where they can buy the things hosted by $Z.99 itself, as well as browse all those other things they’d be able to purchase from other web stores.  Thus far the site has killed maybe 4 designers and driven two others stark raving mad.

Does anyone know any clever, capable designers who want to work for peanuts?  Seriously…these peanuts are fucking incredible.

In the meantime I’m going to be opening up a sort of temporary $Z.99 on Big Cartel or something, a place where people can, until a more polished site can go up, once again just get access to the limited edition prints.


Speaking of prints, this NNY print has been sitting around in my place since December (the original planned month of  re-opening for $Z.99 ), and at first it was pretty cool having them  here because their amazingness was seeping out into their surroundings, making everything more amazing.

Now, however, I’m actually getting a little sick of things being so amazing.  I want a break from how goddamned amazing everything feels.  The trouble is, there’s 200 of these things in a box on s shelf, and though that maybe doesn’t sound like so many when you think of how many fans are out there, having 200 of them all at once is almost sickening.  When they do go up for sale they’ll be $60, signed, and covered in a thick, gelatinous coating of amazing.

The temporary store should be up soon enough and I can start moving them, hopefully, but until then, I’ll be taking a few with me to some upcoming conventions.


Wondercon!  If you’re around Anaheim on the 16 and 17th of this month, come visit the SLG booth at Wondercon, and maybe I’ll be there instead of hiding in the restroom, and if I’m not hiding in the restroom you can pick up one of those JTHM prints.  I’ll probably be there for both days of the con, though I might spend a great deal of it hiding.  In the bathroom.

Emerald City Comicon!  Two conventions in one month.  I swear I didn’t mean for that to happen, but sometimes I just say yes to stuff or plan on going to a convention without really being terribly aware of the dates, so just when I’ll be slowing down with the furious bathing and hand-washing after my two days of going to Wondercon I’ll be in Seattle, signing books and eating food and possibly selling more of the JTHM prints.  I doubt they’ll sell out at Wondercon so there’ll likely be some left for you Seattle types.

SLG won’t be at ECCC, so I’ll be sitting with the far less surly gang of goblins from TopatoCo, who’ve been nice enough to let me hang with them for my stay.


Shipping doodles.



Pretty awesome, sure, but...

So I’ve been doing these little sharpie doodles on pieces of printer paper to shove into recent shipments from the $Z.99 store.  Right now they’re being sent off with Bioshock prints and JR Goldberg’s Mutiny of the Flesh screen prints.  So most people are getting whatever pops out of my head like the stuff up above, but a very select few will get some of the finest Star Trek fan art ever made by my barely human hands.


It’s kind of like a Golden Ticket to see the Chocolate Factory, only there’s really no prize other than the ticket, or in this case, an almost lifelike reproduction of a Star Trek:TNG character.

Maintain beholding!

Even I’m amazed that this stuff came within me.  It’s just incredible stuff, but nothing, I say NOTHING, comes anywhere close to the heart-busting beauty that is this Worf drawing.  I’d watch my back if I were you, whomever is lucky or cursed enough to get this drawing, because people will be after this piece and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.  GOOD LUCK.