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Supanova 9? 10? I dunno…Just fuckin’ kill me.

It's a'meee.  A morbidly obese, unshaven man!

It's a'meee. A morbidly obese, unshaven man!

Sorry about the slowing down of these updates, but I’m not one of those people that works well when all they want to do is just melt into the earth and die a quiet, peaceful death.

Actually, what’d be cooler is to just bore into the ground at a fantastic speed, having just waved to the people around you and spoken something along the lines of, enjoy the rest of your now very short lives, you Nazi fuckfaces!”  (In this scenario, I’m the last person not infected by some kind of virus that turns everyone into Nazis).  Upon reaching the Earth’s core, I detonate myself, as I am inherently a plutonium construct from…eh…Pluto, blowing the planet apart, killing everyone and everything still breathing and simply being on the planet.

But enough philosophy…
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