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Wondercon Appearance + Custom Killerbunny Prints

So I’m making a surprise appearance at Wondercon this very Saturday, signing at the SLG booth from 2 to 4 PM.  Just like the ephemeral McRib I shall come and go, leaving people clutching their stomachs and screaming about how they maybe shouldn’t have eaten that McRib.

So there’s that.

In addition to simply BEING there, spreading my good cheer and as much of whatever this is growing on my hands as I can before the hazmat guys show up to haul me off, I’ll also have a small number of prints hidden in my special sack like I did at the last San Diego Con.  That seemed to work out rather nicely and it was fun making people give me a password to initiate the shady exchange of cash for trash.  that’s right, I rhymed.  I have music in me, okay??

Like before, the prints are a practice run for a bigger edition of larger screen-prints or giclees to be done at some point in the future.  At San Diego Con I had made printed just 25 Bolt Coughers, customizing them with hand painted ghosts.  The final, larger version, is over at Gallery Nucleus, just waiting for you to buy it and eat it or whatever it is people do with my stuff.

This time around it’s scary stencil image of Fillerbunny’s robotic nemesis Killerbunny.  There are 30 of these things, each one of them customized with an inky blob that looks suspiciously like Fillerbunny himself.  Like the custom Bolt Coughers, each Killerbunny print is $35, printed on 8in x 11in quality heavy matte, signed and dipped in demon urine.

Okay, I just asked and apparently they’re NOT dipped in ANY urine.  I asked some friends to do that for me, but they didn’t.  I guess I wasted thirteen bucks on barrels of demon urine.

Requiring people to say a password might sound like a pain in the ass, but trust me, it’s pretty fun.  Some of the people would not quite say it right, forgetting a word or just being too embarrassed to say it, and then would get angry or sad about not being able to buy a print.  It’s adorable.



That’s right, that’s the password.  If you can say it with a kind of caveman voice, too, that’d be pretty good.

So if you see me there at Wondercon, say the password and I’ll know you’re up for some cyborg rabbit action.  If you see me and you say anything else, I’ll know you’re my enemy.