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INVADERCON Screen Prints

These INVADERCON screen prints showed up earlier, delivered to me by a shadowy figure around midnight, the way most of my stuff shows up.

I designed these for the INVADERCON hootenanny happening this weekend, and after I sign them they’ll end up in the probably sticky hands of the 200 people whose hands were SO sticky that only these industrial strength, screen-printed hand-wipes could cut through the grime.

I’m pretty happy with how the things turned out, and the thick chipboard paper stock gives them some serious heft.  Mama’s Sauce printing did a damn fine job on these.

Like I said, these aren’t so much for sale as already sold, but the owners are only flesh and blood, right?  You get what I’m saying!

There’s a Con for Invaders, ya know?

Did you know there was a convention dedicated to INVADER ZIM going on soon?  I had heard about INVADERCON last year but didn’t really imagine it being a real thing, more like one of those bazillions of stories I hear about things I’m somewhat connected to only with absolutely no basis in reality.  As it got closer to 2011 it became more and more obvious that it was actually happening and was actually snatching up a few guest appearance from actors, writers and crew like Richard Horvitz, Andy Berman, Rikki Simons and Kevin Manthei, with a special appearance by one of the janitors that would come in at night and clean up all the food that we’d just let fall from our mouths when we were done eating.
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