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Looks like the second half of my two-part Beyond the Fringe story is available on Comixology for download.  Along for the ride once again are Becky Cloonan on pencils and bassoon, Andy Belanger on inks and the keytar, Randy Mayor on color and the sonic weasel, and a special appearance by Ben Templesmith on cover art and electric flute.

If you’re into pretzels and cybernetic arms, check it out, yeah?

Beyond The Fringe with Becky Cloonan!

Last month I wrote a two part story for DC’s Beyond The Fringe comics. I’m a big fan of the show so being asked to do this was a nice surprise, and I want to thank Asia Mechikoff from Fringe for asking me to do it and coordinating everything.  DC was pretty helpful, too, and the artists they gave me to pick from were way cooler than I was expecting, and Becky Cloonan was pretty much the top pick, so when she was able to do it I knew this thing would suddenly be way more fun to work on.

Anyhow, it’s up for download right now, so check it out OR DON’T!