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INVADERCON 3012 limited prints for you to hug or choke on!


Just like the headline says, guys, there’s some screen prints, they’re for sale, you can buy them, but you’re still gonna die someday. OH WAIT, MAYBE YOU WON’T IF YOU BUY THESE PRINTS! (You will definitely die despite the sales pitch)

The original designs for these were for a ZIM convention that took place last year, but these have been slightly altered so that they’re from the future, just about a thousand years in the future to be exact.

The future rules, ladies and gentleman.

They’re a bit smaller than the original prints, there’s a bit more color, they’re from the future. Also, the chipboard stock they’re screen printed on is so horribly thick that they barely bend and is so heavy, if swung at just the right angle, could probably chop a person’s head off.

If you succeed in chopping a head off with one of these prints, please send photos.

Prints are signed with a general sense of ambivalence.

$Z.99 Store



I want to talk about yesterday, okay?

Yesterday’s post was very obviously hurt by my having to deal with a few unexpected hurdles, and those hurdles took precedent over what has, thus far, been my sole reason for existing: my selfless mission to help you understand what it is to be human, to be a sentient being whose awareness is not clouded by lies, and to just stuff your head with the truth the way a sausage-lord crams filling into a sausage casing.

You are my sausage casings, and my fistfuls of truth-stuffings are at the ready.  I’m a lot better at this than when I first started out, so I no longer literally have the metal tubs sloshing around with stuffings that I have screamed truths into.  I’m not even sure why I thought that would work!  Hah!  Those poor first few test subjects!  Ah, education.

As a result of my generally relentless dedication to the cause, a glaring lapse in attention as demonstrated by yesterday’s anemic post stands out more than it would if I went with my usual instincts, and shat out a crappy post day after day instead of blinding you with brilliance as I so regularly do.
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