New Tiny Phone Painting: Zombie.

Caaaaaake....I mean BRAAAAINSSSS.

Caaaaaake....I mean BRAAAAINSSSS.

My third go at using Brushes on the iPhone.  This time I thought I’d go for something more classical and take a crack at a good ol’ zombie.  I think I did a pretty good job implying that they’re walking over to eat the last living human and that the human’s name is Clancy.

Check out the video of the painting process down below.  Embedded, it’s at its proper size, but when you see it on the Vimeo site it’s maybe a thousand times too large.  Not sure why that’s happening.

Still getting used to painting with my finger. It’s like trying to paint with a marshmallow.

Tiny Zombie Painting from Chancre Scolex on Vimeo.