Sketchbook Horror Theater


Years of practice folks,

Years of practice folks,

Because so many of you loved that last post involving my sketchbook delving and named your children “Jhonen’s Sketchbook Post” or got married with a “Jhonen’s Sketchbook” themed wedding, I figured I’d share another one with you, you lucky monsters you.

Here we have one that predates the “It Came From the House of Pies” critter, a thing that is not mattress man, contrary to what you might be reading in the papers.  I think people just mistook my signing off with “that’s that, mattress man” as a label for the drawing itself, but people, as they so often are, are just plain wrong and generally unattractive.  Upon finishing that last article I think I just had Punch Drunk Love on my mind, and it seeped into the post is all.  

However, similar to the pie thing, this one comes from my many sessions drawing with others sessions at restaurants.  I can’t be sure, but this one might actually be from House of Pies as well.  Hmm…based on the effect that place has on my drawings, I think it’d be wise to GO THERE ALL THE TIME.  That’s right, jerks!

Anyhow, J.R. was the partner in crime for this one as well, and as you can see, the results are just beautiful.  I’d draw with other people more often, but everyone else is pretty much done living, opting to actually “eat” instead of immortalize our incredibly bad artistic directions.  Either way, the story behind this one is pretty plain to see.  In fact, I’m just going to shut up and let you bask in the glory.  

Like before, just click on it to head over to read the notes, for you commentary freaks.