The Silence of the Me’s.


This has been my life for so long now.  Kill me.


As you may have noticed, you’ve not been noticing me very much – not here anyhow.  I did write an enormous pseudo-review of Dead-Space during a bit of sleep deprived, middle-of-the-night dementia a while back, but never posted it for fear that it was actually an incantation summon the old ones that I hit upon out of sheer, dumb luck.  I mean, the thing really did just ramble on and on.  All that when I should have been working.  

And I’ll ask you to be a bit patient, dry those eyes of yours, and please, change your pants, because I’ll be back just as soon as I take care of a lil thing that’s gotten to be a huge pain in the ass for something that none of you may ever see, unless you play your cards just right and have what it takes to be invited into my sexy rape-van of dreams, ya dig?

Either way, I’d love to sit around and stare blankly at you, recalling the days when I had all the time in the world to tell you how horrible you probably are, but I really must get back to my work.  

Now get outta the van!