SD Comicon ’13 Report #2


See that picture up there? That’s me right now, me sitting front of a room service hamburger I paid three hundred dollars for. I’m just wrecked from the whole ordeal of getting from my house to this hotel room, so I’m pretty much just hiding in here, looking out the window and seeing the people down below having fun and not hiding with hamburgers at all.

The drive would normally take 2 hours, 3 with some bad traffic, but because of the convention exacerbating general rush hour traffic, today’s drive took 56 hours and a few minutes.

As far as I’m concerned, the convention already peaked and hadn’t even gotten to it yet, the reason being I passed the motherfuckin’ WEINERMOBILE. That’s right. What’s left to be impressed by when something like that’s happened? Nothing, lemme tell you. I should just kill myself already.


The Fuckin Weiner Fuckin Mo-Fuckin-Bile.

Though I did go into the convention hall today, I really only ran in to drop off some prints for the SLG booth to display because if I drop below 50mph I explode. Had no signings today, so I did a cursory circuit around the convention floor to say hi to various friends and do flying kicks into the faces of various enemies.


The stunning view from the SLG booth.

Not everything was so bad, however. I was happy to see that SLG had some new shirts of mine, two versions of an old Johnny print I did some time ago. They turned out alright and you can hardly tell they’re printed on burlap at all.

IMG_3564A girl wearing all black, browsing the SLG booth noticed me taking this photo, but she didn’t know who I was. I asked her what she thought of the shirts, and the girl said she wasn’t too fond of them because they didn’t come in black. I thought of some witty, cutting remark to throw at her, something like “Yeah!” or “If you like black so much why don’t you marry my shoes because they’re black, am I right?”, but instead I just nodded and punched her in her stupid eyes.

So not too much to report for today. This con will probably be one of the quiter ones for me, so I’m not sure I’ll have anything too amazing to tell you at all, but there are still a few things I wanna check off my list, not the least of which is having sex with two pikachus at once. Well, until then!