SD Comicon ’13 report #1

Feeling awful. Coming out of hypersleep the way I did I can expect for the effects to last all weekend. Had terrible dreams…dreamed I was going to Comicon.

Sitting here, drinking my tea, everything looks strange to me, most likely from my not usually waking up this early. The moon looks unusually bright and on fire this early, and I can’t see the stars at all.

Today’s preview day, and I’m gonna try to get to San Diego early enough to pick up my badge and shield belt. I figure I’ll be in traffic two, maybe three hours, so I’m bringing an empty Lucky Charms box to use as a restroom should I need one.

They’re strapping me into my car now, and the engines are starting up. Time to hit the road, although really, my car is already making contact with it, but you know what I mean. Okay, they’re telling me to stay real still for the takeoff.