How to find a me at this weekend’s San Diego Comicon (CORRECTED)

Mappy was a mouse


See that map up there? That shows the way to the SLG Booth, Booth #1815 for those non-cartographers out there. The SLG booth is that tiny, surly tugboat next to the monstrous DC Booth, so it should be pretty easy to find if you’re one of those people that wants to seek me out to ruin some of your perfectly fine books by scrawling my barely decipherable signature on them.

Wanna know signing times? No? Well…okay…but I’ll leave them here just in case it turns out they’re of importance to you.:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1:00-2:30 P.M, 5:30 – 7:00.

Sunday 1:00-2:30 P.M.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen and barely human socially obliterated horrors, my San Diego Comicon place and times!