JTHM: Floor Damage Screen Print V2


Over at $Z.99, one of the most frequently asked questions received is “Hey, $Z.99, when can I buy that Floor Damage screen print that keeps saying it’s sold out? I need it to live or I’ll die eventually someday possibly of natural causes.” The answer to that question is always the same, you CAN’T buy that print ever again, because it’s gone, guys, gone forever into the dark night of limited screen prints. That’s the whole idea! I mean, they wouldn’t be all that special if we just kept printing them over and over. We’d be denying a whole bunch of people that glorious feeling of loss and guilt and shame at not being one of the select few who got their hands on the things. Pff…


BUT GOOD NEWS: We start the year off with a new version of the classic (A year old is classic, right? Probably) screen print with this blue and white on black, slightly bloodier variation. Actually, I don’t recall the previous red, pink and white version having any blood on it at all, so a single bloody knife makes this one the only bloody version until some future version printed WITH blood on…bloodpaper.

someone been stabbing

someone been stabbing

This print run is limited to 200. Each 11″ x 14″ print is signed, numbered, and sparkly. That’s right, this time around the paper is like the night sky, sparkly and uncaring for your petty joys and worries. NEAT, RIGHT?


These will go on sale this Wednesday. WATCH THE $Z.99 SKIES!


In other $Z.99 news, to celebrate the coming of the new prints, the price of the grotesque CREEPACHU! screen print sets is going down to 50 bucks! All the first, lower numbered sets have been sold, and we’re glad to have such awesome fans who jumped on them, but we want to make it easier on the people buying these new Floor Damage prints to also get in on the disgusting molester pikachu action.

There are also a number of signed but unnumbered, individual versions of my half of the Creepachu collab. Those will run $30, so if you want both you’d be saving by buying the set, but if JR. Goldberg’s Creepachu just gives you flabby nightmares, this is your option to just grab mine. Just want hers? Check out her store for when they’re on sale there!