Deathmatch update #2

Listen and read with your eyes and brains, please.

Include the text from the twitter you are illustrating IN THE EMAIL.  That means write it WITH YOUR FINGERS on the keyboard you are, theoretically, using to send your emails for someone to easily copy and paste into the Flickr page.  You can write it on your actual artwork, but that’s not what including the text in the email means, and really, more often than not writing it in your artwork looks terrible and makes all the other people think you eat soup with your hands.

People are actually writing in confused as to how to include their name in or as the file name of their artwork for easy crediting in the Flickr page.  This would likely involve simply changing the file name in your computer or saving the file as whatever it is you are capable of dreaming your name to be as your file name.  If this is still confusing to those out there facing this problem, then you need to buy those cd sets where the bald guy keeps begging you to “Try my product.  Please…try my product.  For the love of GOD, TRY MY PRODUCT I SLEEP WITH THE MURDERED CORPSE OF MY WIFE TRY MY PRODUCT!” and teaches you such valuable skills as turning on your computer, turning OFF your computer, telling people you have seen a computer, approaching computers at social events, extinguishing the flames from your body after trying to “print a document”, and so on.

A lot of the submissions appear to be drawn on toilet paper and then photographed with a 1.5 megapixel phone cam.  No rules against that at all, but it does reveal you as being a horrible, unwashed person.

There was a bigfoot comic that was submitted early on, and got lost in the great folder disaster of ’08. Hoping it shows up again.  Very glad the cockroach parked like a car one showed up again.

Just so you know, a couple of us here at Question Sleep Headquarters are planning on critiquing the submissions in a post-mortem extravaganza.  It’s going to be terrible.