Les Miserables Invaders.

So I had a day one at Invadercon, but this post won’t be my usual detailing of the events (I’ll save that for a future post, maybe).  This post is more about how my signings have worked out.

The way a lot of these conventions work out is that people charge for autographs and such, softens the blow of sitting and risking all manner of anal deformities resulting from being on one’s ass all day.  It’s a dangerous life, sitting for a living!  It’s just the way it goes and that’s cool.

I’ve never charged for autographs, though, so we had to figure something out for this particular convention since the standard practice there was artists being compensated in some way!  What I ended up doing was a pretty nice screen print for a select number of fans who shelled out a little more than the price of a standard ticket in return for some extra goodies.  That way the convention guys pay me for doing the print but I’m still not charging everyone to get an autograph!

So yesterday – and I don’t know why I didn’t really realize this was how it would work come signing time – I found myself signing ONLY for the people that bought those magic tickets!  My Jewish guilt kicked in immediately (I’m not Jewish but I have a lot of Jewish friends and they breath on me a lot) and I felt like a bunch of people showed up at the convention and weren’t able to access my laughably terrible scrawl all over their belongings.

Basically, I’m hoping to be able to sign as much stuff as I can for everyone today, the last day of this convention.  People traveled from crazy places of the world to be here and it seems wrong to deny them the joy I just can’t help but spread.  With great power comes great something something.  If you’re attending the convention and don’t have a pass, cross your sweaty fingers and please don’t touch me with them.