I’m going to Sacramento.

That’s right, I’m attending something called ‘Sac-Con‘ in our fine state capital this very Sunday, and I can’t wait.  Okay, I can wait, but I’ll definitely be there at this convention of sacs.

This is one of those things that, when I tell people I’m attending, I’m met with a bunch of “why are you going to that?” kind of responses.  Sure, it’s a teensy little con out in a place not exactly famed for comics, but the Deftones came from there, so it can’t be all that bad.

It’s actually the second of my “why are you going there?” conventions, the first having been the Comikaze Expo that I did earlier this month.  That one I did because a friend of mine was involved with putting on that particular show, and it was the first big convention that I could actually just walk to, so I figured why not.  It was a little too celebrity/pop culture focused for my tastes, with comics taking a sorta slummy second to everything, but it was fun and big and I met someone from ‘All That’.  I never watched more than a few minutes of All That, but I guess someone will think I’m cool for having sat in a green room with the redhead from that show.

This Sac-Con thing, aside from having a hilariously vulgar sounding name, I agreed to go to for similar reasons.  I was in Sacramento, hangin’ with fellow SLG comics goblin Chris Wisnia, talking to him about a comic idea I wanted his help on, and he asked if I knew so and so and I said yeah so and so, he’s a nice guy!  Turns out so and so puts on a lil comic convention in Sacramento and was wondering if I’d consider showing up.

I generally don’t do too many appearances a year, just Comicon in San Diego usually, but I figured I’d get to hang with some friends in Sacramento and see some people like Rikki Simons (who actually lives in L.A, but only leaves his house for conventions).  Also, the convention will be so small that I’ll strut around like I’m a fucking KING, you hear me?  I’ll point at some kid at his table and his table will burst into flames because I can do that kinda thing, okay?  Maybe I’ll just sit and sign things instead of do that fire thing because you never know what I’m gonna do next even though what I’m gonna do is probably NOT make things burst into flames supernaturally but not because I can’t.

I’ll probably have the remaining mini prints that I took with me to Comikaze Expo, so if you’re into mini prints with robots on them, lemme know and I might fold one up into an airplane and throw it directly into your face in exchange for whatever I want.  Sweet deal, I know.