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$Z.99 Screen Print Sale


So Comicon is coming up, we’re trying to make room for stuff and we’re sick of eating off or furniture made from screen prints and using screen prints as toilets, so to make some room $Z.99 is having a screen print sale! Save big on some seriously fine things like the INVADERCON 3012 print and the Creepachu print sets by Jhonen Vasquez and Jenny Goldberg.

We don’t want to use these as toilets, but they’re pretty much sitting on TOP of the toilet, and it’d be great if we could just clear them away a bit. Thanks!

JTHM: Floor Damage Screen Print V2


Over at $Z.99, one of the most frequently asked questions received is “Hey, $Z.99, when can I buy that Floor Damage screen print that keeps saying it’s sold out? I need it to live or I’ll die eventually someday possibly of natural causes.” The answer to that question is always the same, you CAN’T buy that print ever again, because it’s gone, guys, gone forever into the dark night of limited screen prints. That’s the whole idea! I mean, they wouldn’t be all that special if we just kept printing them over and over. We’d be denying a whole bunch of people that glorious feeling of loss and guilt and shame at not being one of the select few who got their hands on the things. Pff…


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CREEPACHU creeps so close…


After a little delay, the Creepachu screen prints JR Goldberg and I did are just about ready to gelatinously explode into the $Z.99 store this coming week (currently down for maintenance getting all tarted up for you!), so keep an eye out for them but don’t get any in your eye or you’re just outright fucked.

It’s a two print set, with Goldberg and I each taking a stab at the kind of Pikachu you don’t want getting anywhere near you or your loved ones. The set is $60 and each print is signed by their respective jerk!


I stole this image from Mama’s Sauce’s Instagram feed I’m so cool.

So maybe two months ago I was sitting around with J.R. Goldberg, doing the usual thing you do when passing the time with friends, probably picking lice from her hair, when we started joking around doing drawings of Pikachus that had the opposite effect of what those cute, mindless things usually have on people. This all came shortly after we were doing Google searches for “molester glasses” in the way we’ve all done, so the Pikachu drawings took on some of that grotesque, ‘keep these things away from your loved ones’ kinda vibe.

Well, as usually happens with me, I didn’t leave bad enough alone and we ended up doing a screen print set we are calling ‘CREEPACHU!’, and the results…the results are just very creepachu.

The Creepachus will be sold together in a set of two prints for all three of you out there who like this kind of thing. They were printed up with way too much love and care by the fine printing artisans at Mama’s Sauce. They’ll be available on $Z.99 this month and I’ll let you know when they’re ready for eatin’. Until then just think about how jealous your friends will be when they see these on your walls and scream with what you can maybe interpret as excitement.