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New Tiny Phone Painting: Zombie.

Caaaaaake....I mean BRAAAAINSSSS.

Caaaaaake....I mean BRAAAAINSSSS.

My third go at using Brushes on the iPhone.  This time I thought I’d go for something more classical and take a crack at a good ol’ zombie.  I think I did a pretty good job implying that they’re walking over to eat the last living human and that the human’s name is Clancy.

Check out the video of the painting process down below.  Embedded, it’s at its proper size, but when you see it on the Vimeo site it’s maybe a thousand times too large.  Not sure why that’s happening.

Still getting used to painting with my finger. It’s like trying to paint with a marshmallow.

Tiny Zombie Painting from Chancre Scolex on Vimeo.

Supanova: The Rackening

Take THAT, you tacky heathens!  Unf!

Take THAT, you tacky heathens! Unf!

I’ll write something more detailed about Friday’s events later.  Today, Saturday, will be the first day of actual signing and cavorting with the native fans, and I’m sure I’ll get into that as well, but I wanted to get out a few things about yesterday.

I wandered around the showroom floor a little bit and checked out the area they were setting up for me to sign at.  It was your standard signing getup, complete with  flaming torches and trapdoors leading to acid vats and such.  Nothing to get too excited about.

Someone pointed out a rack of comics that would be part of the setup, half full of some but not all of my books.  Really, it was just the old school stuff : JTHM, SQUEE!, and I Feel Sick.  Dunno if they had any Jellyfists on site, but I don’t recall them being on the rack.  The rest of the books were issues of Lenore, and I pointed this out, mentioning that those were not done by me but were part of an experiment in teaching violent gorillas to channel their anger into more creative outlets.

The person I pointed this out to responded, saying they were aware of the fact that the books were not works of mine, but that the “people who buy your stuff will buy that stuff, too.”

Like Jesus and the moneylenders, I swiped the issues of Angry Gorilla Comics (Lenore) off the rack, making a huge mess of things.  I proclaimed that readers should maybe pick something new up now and then.  The last thing I want to do is to perpetuate the stereotype that my fans are just tasteless zombies without the desire to pick up more than what’s being marketed directly into their asses.  I’d rather have people genuinely like or despise what I do rather than pick it up blindly as a requirement of their “scene”.

I suggested maybe replacing them with issues of The Walking Dead, something I wish I could talk about to more people, dig?  Something I could geek out to to the people that stand in line to get my child-like scrawl on their copies of JTHM.

Just a note, though:  Pretending to be Jesus and knocking shit all over the place really doesn’t make you look that cool.  I thought it would get me chicks and respect, but mostly it got me dirty looks from the guys that had to pick everything up.  I even joined in, picking up books and saying terrible things about myself, but the damage was done.

It Came From the House of Pies.



You're born, you eat pie, and then you die.

I’m gonna level with ya – I haven’t really been drawing as much as I’d like to for awhile now, getting caught up in writing or doing video editing instead.  It’s not cool, I know, and it’s probably your fault in some way, but that’s not a thing I want to get hung up on, yeah?  

It’s not like I fear I’ll get worse at drawing if I don’t keep it going continually, but you sure as hell don’t get better when you’re not doing it at all.  Actually, that’s not really true…sometimes I’ll sit down at my drum set after a few months of just using it to hang stuff on and find that I don’t suck quite AS much as I did when last I wailed on the thing.  Still, you don’t want to neglect a thing for too long when you remember it’s actually fun so why the hell aren’t you doing it?

This is the story of how I decided to have a bit of fun while using Adobe Illustrator for a thing I don’t often use it for:  Actually drawing in.  I’d tell you to buckle up for the ride but I’ve already driven railroad spikes through your crotches like in Serpent and the Rainbow, and whole you’re screaming like Bill Pullman with a cock full of iron I’m pushing you into the fascinating hell that is the creation of ‘It Came from the House of Pies’.

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This time they’ve goon’d too far!



Some of you may recall the fantastic ‘Goon City’ that I mentioned some time ago right here on this very journal of mine. Don’t feel so bad if you don’t, though – I’ve met a few of you and I’m surprised you guys can even feed yourself let alone reach back into the abstract regions of distant memory.

Well, someone sent this my way and I thought I’d share because this is exactly the kind of thing that I love and love shoving in people’s faces.


The image for this post was grabbed from this tower I speak of, and it’s a pretty nice lil’ recreation of my own Johnny C’s best suicide attempt. Nice, yeah?

You go have fun now.