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How to find a me at this weekend’s San Diego Comicon (CORRECTED)

Mappy was a mouse


See that map up there? That shows the way to the SLG Booth, Booth #1815 for those non-cartographers out there. The SLG booth is that tiny, surly tugboat next to the monstrous DC Booth, so it should be pretty easy to find if you’re one of those people that wants to seek me out to ruin some of your perfectly fine books by scrawling my barely decipherable signature on them.

Wanna know signing times? No? Well…okay…but I’ll leave them here just in case it turns out they’re of importance to you.:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1:00-2:30 P.M, 5:30 – 7:00.

Sunday 1:00-2:30 P.M.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen and barely human socially obliterated horrors, my San Diego Comicon place and times!


JTHM shirt now available for the rest of mankind



That JTHM shirt that was available only at the San DIego Comicon is now up in SLG’s webstore for all the people of Earth to enjoy.  No longer will you feel only anger and jealousy for those that attended Comicon!  Raise your stupid fists in victory and bring them down on the following link to be launched directly at the store!


Wondercon Appearance + Custom Killerbunny Prints

So I’m making a surprise appearance at Wondercon this very Saturday, signing at the SLG booth from 2 to 4 PM.  Just like the ephemeral McRib I shall come and go, leaving people clutching their stomachs and screaming about how they maybe shouldn’t have eaten that McRib.

So there’s that.

In addition to simply BEING there, spreading my good cheer and as much of whatever this is growing on my hands as I can before the hazmat guys show up to haul me off, I’ll also have a small number of prints hidden in my special sack like I did at the last San Diego Con.  That seemed to work out rather nicely and it was fun making people give me a password to initiate the shady exchange of cash for trash.  that’s right, I rhymed.  I have music in me, okay??

Like before, the prints are a practice run for a bigger edition of larger screen-prints or giclees to be done at some point in the future.  At San Diego Con I had made printed just 25 Bolt Coughers, customizing them with hand painted ghosts.  The final, larger version, is over at Gallery Nucleus, just waiting for you to buy it and eat it or whatever it is people do with my stuff.

This time around it’s scary stencil image of Fillerbunny’s robotic nemesis Killerbunny.  There are 30 of these things, each one of them customized with an inky blob that looks suspiciously like Fillerbunny himself.  Like the custom Bolt Coughers, each Killerbunny print is $35, printed on 8in x 11in quality heavy matte, signed and dipped in demon urine.

Okay, I just asked and apparently they’re NOT dipped in ANY urine.  I asked some friends to do that for me, but they didn’t.  I guess I wasted thirteen bucks on barrels of demon urine.

Requiring people to say a password might sound like a pain in the ass, but trust me, it’s pretty fun.  Some of the people would not quite say it right, forgetting a word or just being too embarrassed to say it, and then would get angry or sad about not being able to buy a print.  It’s adorable.



That’s right, that’s the password.  If you can say it with a kind of caveman voice, too, that’d be pretty good.

So if you see me there at Wondercon, say the password and I’ll know you’re up for some cyborg rabbit action.  If you see me and you say anything else, I’ll know you’re my enemy.







INVADER ZIM Fact #31: Encounter at Bloaty-point

Can’t have a final ZIM Fact without a ST:TNG reference, right?

You can, actually, but it’s too late to go back now.

Looka that artwork up there!  Thanks to Vincent Perea for the beautiful likeness and for being one of the three people who read every single one of these entries.  Check out Vincent’s work over at HIS WEBSITE! I am currently ahead of him at a Words with Friends game by ten million points.  Vincent did all that shmancy artwork for the Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, so he’s pretty good at what he does, but he can’t match my masterful use of the word ‘fart’ for more points than he’ll ever see in a lifetime.

In case you forgot, I started writing these at the start of the month to coincide with INVADER ZIM airing for just one month only, this grizzled month that we’re now seeing come to an end.  That ZIM was actually airing I can’t say I verified with my own eyes as the only things my television is hooked up to are a power outlet, a receiver, and a variety of gaming consoles.  If ZIM was back on the air I didn’t see it, but some people have told me they’ve been watching it, enjoying it, and even not throwing up while watching it and they seemed liked reliable sorts.

I probably had more fun writing all this stuff than anyone had reading it, and that’s pretty much what it’s about – my selfish enjoyment of myself.  Still, I wanna thank the people who’ve been checking these out tirelessly and even those who can’t stand this shit but have been enjoying the show all these hundreds of years.

It’s people like you who make me a bit sorry that I don’t have anything better to finish off the month with, having counted on getting something rare and amusing to leave you off on.  The “rare” video interview with Rikki Simons, the voice of Gir,  I’ve been promising over the past weeks turned out to be sort of a bust as it’s just the usual thing only this time worse.  I searched around online for other interviews with the guy and found some pretty bad stuff on youtube, and this lil’ thing I’m uploading for you isn’t that much more informative.

Still, we had some fun, and I, for what it’s worth, this video is at least new, and I know some of you guys are just completists.  That’s something, yeah?

Anyhow, thanks again, and have fun.

Rikki Simons and Eric "da fist" Trueheart in happier pizza restaurants.

Actually, a bit of info on the video:  It’s apparently a fragment from a documentary about voice actors by “Ani-Mazing” Magazine, one of the many publications I’ve never had the pleasure of taking with me to the bathroom.  The thing never got completed, and Rikki was actually the last person the filmmakers interviewed.  That’s just what the guy told me who gave me this thing.  If you ask me, AniMAZING Magazine should have stuck with magazines because the interview sucks as far as interviews go, and the sound and camera work is just awful.  The title of this last post comes from something the interview touches on, that Rikki, besides playing the lovable GIR, also played the lovable Bloaty the Pig.


Anyhow, here’s the thing.  Knock your socks off if it’s your cuppa.

Until the future!