That special noodle time is upon us again when Happy Noodle Boy fans across the world, from land, air or sea, gather under a urine-soaked freeway overpass and celebrate Noodle Boy in the only way they know how – URINATING!

This time we’ve learned our lesson, thanks to your complaints in previous years, and we’ve made the commemorative shirts wearable by human beings instead of just snakes and pigeons!  That’s right, if you’re a person now you can get in on the shirt-wearing action.

This shirt has four holes for your body to stick out from!

The fine folks at Slave Labor Graphics have generously volunteered their fruit rollup machine to print up these excellent, slightly sticky t-shirts for all you NoodleCon attendees to purchase and wear while fighting off ants and fruit-snack loving children.

Can’t attend NoodleCon 2012?  You’re a goddamned asshole!  Whatever your reasons, there’s always the San Diego Comicon where the shirts will also be available at the Slave Labor Graphics booth  #1815.  I’ll even be there to sign the shirts so long as you stand at least ten feet away from me while I’m doing so.  Can’t make it to even that?  No worries, you’ll be able to find the shirts available on SLG’s online store shortly after comicon has come and gone.  We’ll let you know when!

That’s right! We got THAT guy, and that other mushy one!