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Mini Print for Comicon 2011!`

Here’s the print! I’ll be exchanging 30 of these for shady favors (or $35) at Comicon starting on Friday. Same deal as previous cons, I don’t sell this to anyone unless they utter a particular phrase, in this case “I SHORE WUHD LAHK ONE’A DEM PRINTS.” I’d be glad to hear it in a really nice southern drawl.

Each 8″x 11″ print is signed and has a hand-drawn knife on it, each of them unique to the print. They are hand printed in that I used my hand to turn on the printer.

These little test prints generally sell out at the conventions in a day or two, so they’ll probably not be available afterwards unless some filthy type puts them on ebay for more than I’d wanna pay. This is a trial image for a larger screen print I’ll do, though the image itself will likely be altered a bit for the final version and won’t have the customized aspect.

If you need more info on my comicon doings, read this older post and understand everything!

San Diego Comicon 2009 Information



So I’m going to the San Diego Comicon later this month, right, and I’m thinking “Hey, maybe some people would want to know that I’m going and how to find me during official times.”  Then the guy that I’m looking at while speaking this out loud asks me if I’m going to order anything because I’m holding up the line and there a re a shit-ton of people behind me at two in the morning who really want doughnuts.

This past year wasn’t really spent working on things that I can show, however,  so I had my reservations about going.  What the hell sort of stuff HAVE I been working on, you might ask, probably in an incredibly tactless manner thanks to your having been raised by a computer that never taught you how to interact with flesh and blood human beings outside of a webcam situation.  Well, I won’t get into much of that in this post, so maybe I’ll save that mess for later.  I can’t even tell you right now what small thing I have that ultimately made me feel not so bad about going this year.  Everything’s very mysterious, kids.  Ah, well…maybe that other stuff will pop up sooner or later.

Anyhow, CLICK HERE to see  the schedule for when I’ll be signing at the SLG booth.  Keep an eye on that page because my signing times might change!
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