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J.R. Goldberg: No longer a Bigfoot-like mystery

J.R. Goldberg: The Enbuttoning from Chancre Scolex

Now here’s a thing, yeah?  J.R.  had been making these lil hand-painted buttons for a bit when, one night, while walking the streets in search of crime to fight, I hit upon the idea of doing sets of the things together.  The theme for the buttons would be ‘Mortal Enemies’, with one of us painting one character and the other painting their mortal enemy, whomever or whatever that may be.

Having finished my second character ahead of time, I took to filming J.R. painting said character’s nemesis, a somewhat sickly looking lizard man.

I figure this helps demonstrate what goes into these tiny images, and also shows off my coveted Pope mug.

It’s a bit nicer looking in HD over on the actual Vimeo site.


J.R goes into a bit more detail as to the creation of the image itself over at el blog de cunch.