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Jenny and I get asked a LOT about the state of the show we were developing. Short story is it didn’t get picked up as a series. It’s one of those things you deal with as a creator, putting years of your time and life-force into a thing, almost four years for us in this case. It’s never a good feeling agonizing to make something different and see how seemingly easy it is for things that are easy sells with no identity beyond “It’s like that OTHER show” to slide through the process.They bought the rights to Very Important House before shelving it, so we can’t do anything with the idea unless the  rights are bought back for the kind of money neither of us have just sitting around. It’s one of the worst feelings as creators because a shelved idea of ours is still alive, like Frolie and Grampa are trapped in cold storage at a place that has no desire to do anything with them.

This isn’t any kind of condemnation of the studio or the people we worked with. We had some good people behind us, some bad, but attitudes and climates change over the course of so many years at a studio,  and the thing you’ve created no longer seems to gel with the direction of programming going on around you.

A studio pouring money into development is not a favor done, it’s a necessary part of what keeps things in operation. Ideas are the lifeblood of the system, and the creators sacrifice something just as valuable as money: their time and dedication to a project that takes them out of circulation for years at a time while not necessarily having a job that could be considered at all safe and secure. The best outcome of a situation where the studio decides the idea simply isn’t a good fit for them is one where the idea doesn’t die but survives on with the creator who still believes in the idea. To come out of the end of that process, years later, and not even own the rights to a thing the studio doesn’t want to produce, well, it’s heartbreaking.

As much as it is the nature of the business, it should not be the norm.

We’d still love to see VIH get made, we think it’s badass. We really do! We think seeing even the TINY amount of it come to life that we did was amazing. Since then, we’ve moved on to work on other projects separately, but we still  hear Frolie and Grampa yelling in our heads.

Oh, if anyone has half a million dollars they want to give us to get the rights back so we could get the show made some other way, please leave a garbage bag of money behind the dumpster behind the donut shop.

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CREEPACHU creeps so close…


After a little delay, the Creepachu screen prints JR Goldberg and I did are just about ready to gelatinously explode into the $Z.99 store this coming week (currently down for maintenance getting all tarted up for you!), so keep an eye out for them but don’t get any in your eye or you’re just outright fucked.

It’s a two print set, with Goldberg and I each taking a stab at the kind of Pikachu you don’t want getting anywhere near you or your loved ones. The set is $60 and each print is signed by their respective jerk!

J.R. Goldberg: No longer a Bigfoot-like mystery

J.R. Goldberg: The Enbuttoning from Chancre Scolex

Now here’s a thing, yeah?  J.R.  had been making these lil hand-painted buttons for a bit when, one night, while walking the streets in search of crime to fight, I hit upon the idea of doing sets of the things together.  The theme for the buttons would be ‘Mortal Enemies’, with one of us painting one character and the other painting their mortal enemy, whomever or whatever that may be.

Having finished my second character ahead of time, I took to filming J.R. painting said character’s nemesis, a somewhat sickly looking lizard man.

I figure this helps demonstrate what goes into these tiny images, and also shows off my coveted Pope mug.

It’s a bit nicer looking in HD over on the actual Vimeo site.


J.R goes into a bit more detail as to the creation of the image itself over at el blog de cunch.


J.R. Goldberg’s Buttontopia

Seriously loving these one of a kind buttons J.R. Goldberg’s selling over at her recently opened Etsy shop.  The loony’s actually making these things herself, painting each one individually before encasing it in carbonite (quite safe).

I actually have a few and the thing’s are just lovely, but I got in before she started doing the awesome zombie series, so I’m just a bit jealous of the jerks that grab these I am.  

Also quite fond of the squid here:

J.R. Goldberg’s Den of Buttoniquity

Baby Beehead.

What do you do while you’re eating all of my food?  Well, if you’re J.R. Goldberg, you make an insanely cool poster based on my epic Baby Beehead story as featured in the new American classic, Jellyfist.

It’s very much an elaborated upon version of the character from the comic, so much so that each individual bee now has its own character.  My personal favorites include the “Astroboy” Bee, and the “Sucking on Sombrero” Bee, while others, like “Middle Aged Woman” Bee, and any of the others that look like normal human heads with gimpy bee bodies, just upset me.

Yesss, Baby Beehead has come a long way since being scrawled about in an old notebook of mine who knows how many years ago, almost taking on illustrated life in a project I was doing with Crab Scrambly that got scrapped in favor of Everything Can be Beaten.  But now, here he is, for you to gaze into and lose days of your life trying to pick out all the different bees you might recognize.

Should be out right alongside the Ambush at Prayer Time poster, appearing first at the San Diego Comicon and then in stores both online and in actual physical life.  Amazing, I know.