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PSsst. Got some NNY Headshots for ya in my van.



So I had some revised NNY head shots with me this recent San DIego Comicon. If ya recall, the original NNY Headshots were taken down from the $Z.99 store. The ones I took to San Diego were a little different from those older ones, a little more polished and detailed. You can see the changes are mostly in the shadows and the details on the cracks. Juts a bit more dimension, ya see? They won’t be up on the store permanently, however, only until these leftovers sell out.

I hope they sell out soon because they’re kinda going bad and the smell, man…the SMELL. 

Know my San Diego Comicon plans.


It’s that time of year again, a time when a man’s fancy turns to bitching about how sweaty everyone around him is and wearing sandwich bags on his hands before shaking anyone’s hand.

Comicon 2011 is upon us once again, people, and that’s just bizarre, isn’t it?  How is it possible for the same year’s comicon to just keep repeating itself?  I don’t know, but that’s not my problem.  Here’s what’s going on there as far as my involvement goes.

1.  Professionally (I’m a professional, ya see)  I’ll be attending from Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th.  For the most part I’ll be at the Slave Labor Graphics booth (Booth 1815), but I might be signing at the Gallery Nucleus booth (Booth 2235) on Friday or Sunday as well.  Non-professionally, I am at the convention center year round, as I live in the walls like a stinking rat person, hoarding garbage and eating the end cap pieces of hot dogs.


This one’s just in time for Comicon, so if you’re not there to get one from Slave Labor Graphic’s booth, there’s something just wrong with you and I’m not even sure why I’m still talking to you.  This shirt uses the J’s Not J print image, only in shirt form with a modified color palette.  These are on a truck heading to San Diego and I haven’t even seen them yet, so I hope they’re alright.  Even if they’re not alright, you should probably bring a garbage bag to fill up with all the shirts you’re gonna buy.


Gallery Nucleus is going to doing a new print of mine, and thought it would be nice to have me sign it at its premier at the San Diego Comicon.  I’ll probably make them regret thinking anything will ever be nice ever again, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop by on Friday the 22nd, 1PM (for now) and grab one to get signed.  Or just grab one, really, and don’t get it signed.  Just buy it, don’t make eye contact with anyone, and just sorta skulk off without a word.  That’d be pretty good too.



Signing these for Gallery Nucleus at their booth (2235) on Friday at 1-2 PM.  It’s a fast signing, so try to make it!  Might add another signing for these on Sunday, but not sure yet.


This is just a panel with a few of the artists that did work on Marvel’s Strange Tales anthologies.  I’ll be there mumbling incoherently about my experience working on the MODOK and Wolverine stories I did for them.  I will have some SHOCKING revelations (psst: no I won’t), so don’t miss it!  This is the official blurb from the program guide:

6:00-7:00 A Strange Tale of a Panel: Indie Creators on Marvel’s Strange Tales Excelsior! Show up early and stay late as some of comics’ best indie creators come out of the closet, revealing themselves as maniacal Marvel madmen. Witness twisted love for some of mainstream comics’ best characters! Forbidden fantasies fulfilled! Shannon “Too Much Coffee Man” Wheeler comes clean about his eco-terrorist Red Skull; Jhonen “The Homicidal Maniac”Vasquez mulls over M.O.D.O.K.; and Jeffrey “Incredible Change-bots” Brownmesses with the Merry Mutants. And more major terrific talents join this core crew, spilling secret stories from Marvel’s Strange TalesRoom 9

It’s going to be amazing, and if it isn’t I was probably just lying about it being amazing.


Not so secret, really, but I can’t say just now what it’ll be as I’m not sure.  If it’s what I think I’m thinking it will be, it’ll be pretty fantastic.  I hope it’s not something awful, really.  Either way, more on this as I get more information out of myself.  This’ll be the usual deal I’ve been doing at conventions for the last year or so where I do a very small run of prints to sell to people who know a particular password that binds them to the print in question.  It’s like a Lord of the Rings situation, only it ends up with the buyer’s (the not very attractive ones anyhow) having to wash my car.

The password to buy this print will be:  ”AH SHORE WUD LAHK ONE’A DEM PRINTS”

If you could speak this in a real thick southern accent that would be awesome.  Please try.  As always, these will be going for $35 and all proceeds will go to too much pie in my stomach.

Anyhow, here’s a tiny sliver of a peek in case you’re that: impatient:






Baby Beehead.

What do you do while you’re eating all of my food?  Well, if you’re J.R. Goldberg, you make an insanely cool poster based on my epic Baby Beehead story as featured in the new American classic, Jellyfist.

It’s very much an elaborated upon version of the character from the comic, so much so that each individual bee now has its own character.  My personal favorites include the “Astroboy” Bee, and the “Sucking on Sombrero” Bee, while others, like “Middle Aged Woman” Bee, and any of the others that look like normal human heads with gimpy bee bodies, just upset me.

Yesss, Baby Beehead has come a long way since being scrawled about in an old notebook of mine who knows how many years ago, almost taking on illustrated life in a project I was doing with Crab Scrambly that got scrapped in favor of Everything Can be Beaten.  But now, here he is, for you to gaze into and lose days of your life trying to pick out all the different bees you might recognize.

Should be out right alongside the Ambush at Prayer Time poster, appearing first at the San Diego Comicon and then in stores both online and in actual physical life.  Amazing, I know.