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So I had hoped to write a few of these irrefutable facts ahead of time so as to simply have to upload them from my futuristic phone at the proper times while I was away on adventures. Well, that proved to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated and yesterday’s wildly popular post ended up being the only one I had queued up in what should have been a full barrel of rumor-dispelling artillery.
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Birthday MoSquidos and Melancholy Phallus

I’m actually going to talk about work here, so the eighty five percent of you who completely tune out unless I’m talking about things exploding can go make a sandwich.  Make one for me while you’re at it.

So I’m messing around with this Brushes app on my iphone,  and the first two things I do with it are make a really sad looking worm-thing that just upsets me every time I look at it, and then that big guy about to catch himself a floating bee-squid.   Not bad for a day’s nonsense.

Pretty damn fun for such a tiny program, and you can get some decent results if you spend the time with it.  Disturbing results, sometimes, as embodied by that pink worm.

Anyhow, what I thought was really cool was the viewer application that lets anyone (anyone on a mac for now) download the painting files and watch the painting in action, stroke by stroke.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, I’ve uploaded those silly images in brushes format so you can spend hours and hours looping those few seconds (at high speed playback) over and over again until you begin to make sense of the seeming chaos of the universe.

First, download the Brushes Viewer.

Good…very good.  You’re doing VERY good.  I don’t know why the other kids pick on you, because I think you’re very smart and relatively attractive.

Now,  grab the wee painting files by clicking….HERE!

Enjoy or don’t.

P.S. – Those of you who download the actual brushes app, practice up on it.  It’d be fun to see what some of you guys could come up with when given the incentive of some sort of reward.  ETERNAL LIFE, maybe?  I know…I still have to get to the Deathmatch #1 stuff.  Trust me. I been busy.

Ambush at Prayer Time – Update

The proofs have come in for the new poster, and they look pretty good, which means they’ll very likely be there at the San Diego Comicon for all lovers of fine art-bees to snatch up to help me sustain my perfectly respectable habits.

A few readers wrote, in response to my mention of the poster on my Twitter, faces slick with panic, clutching at their throats to aid their dread-choked breathing.  These are generally the sort of people I try to avoid as they’re usually so clammy and unpleasant with desperation in their bulging eye ( just the one), but in this case, it’ll pass because they had a valid question: Will the poster be on sale anywhere but at the Comicon.  The answer is a resounding sure I guess so why not I suppose so leave me alone I’m eating please get out of my house.

Long story short, the posters will be available to all the children of the planet, or at least the ones with access to the internet or any decent local stores with the good taste to order this incredible work of something.  No exact date for the release, but the end of July sounds about right.