J.R. Goldberg: No longer a Bigfoot-like mystery

J.R. Goldberg: The Enbuttoning from Chancre Scolex

Now here’s a thing, yeah?  J.R.  had been making these lil hand-painted buttons for a bit when, one night, while walking the streets in search of crime to fight, I hit upon the idea of doing sets of the things together.  The theme for the buttons would be ‘Mortal Enemies’, with one of us painting one character and the other painting their mortal enemy, whomever or whatever that may be.

Having finished my second character ahead of time, I took to filming J.R. painting said character’s nemesis, a somewhat sickly looking lizard man.

I figure this helps demonstrate what goes into these tiny images, and also shows off my coveted Pope mug.

It’s a bit nicer looking in HD over on the actual Vimeo site.


J.R goes into a bit more detail as to the creation of the image itself over at el blog de cunch.


24 thoughts on “J.R. Goldberg: No longer a Bigfoot-like mystery

  1. Lockjaw

    Oh that’s neat! Nice video editing there, Mr. Vasquez.

    Good song choice too. Loving technopop. Or whatever they’re calling it nowadays. Techno-something or other.

    I digress.

    Wish I could draw that tiny. Geeze.

  2. tom "the tom robinson" robinson

    i love the idea of ‘Mortal Enemies’ button set. I appreciate seeing the process to create such a beautiful pig-lizard-man-thing button. It’s like seeing a unicorn being born out of a man, just magical. The entire process was somewhat captivating but when the white details where being applied I really started drooling. Seeing it all come together is just great. Looking foward to see what you two end up with.

    Oh and yes I do have mug envy right now.

  3. Naomi

    The Pope Mug looks like a crafty way of demonstrating his papal love to his adepts.
    I just stare in awe, wishing one day I can amount to something like this.
    Can I please know which materials he used for this and how much time this took?
    Thanks for the video.

    P.S. Show yours?

  4. Elfeeta

    I hate to be so broke this year… but I’ll fight to the death for one of those masterpieces soon enough.

    I’m amazed to see how detailed this little button is, not to say I really love Cunch’s work.

    Now I need to go rob a bank to buy some.

  5. K

    Oooh~! Very cool! I’d like to know what kind-of paints and brushes you use to paint with~ I never paint…’cause I’d kill small animals if I did…that, and I just can’t paint!

  6. Milly

    That’s pretty neat, to see the actual effort that goes into the little buttons, as opposed to simply guessing.


  7. JM

    Ahh, I am spoonbender, nice choice of noise. I’m waiting to see what the mortal enemy of that character must have been to make it so angry and moist. You two must have been giggling the whole time making it, or growling.

  8. Headphone_Jack

    While I love the idea, I’m kind of curious just what tools were used to actually paint/ink this monstrous button larva. One of them actually looked a bit like a cross between an airbrush and a pen.

    Also, who did the music in the background? The female singer sounded like the lady from Whale.

  9. Aubrey

    Yay! Thanks for sharing! After seeing Eliza’s button-makin’ video I was thinking it would be great if more of my favorite artists followed suit. And so they did.

  10. The Color Of Cat Vomit

    My dream man would have a hog-like nose, stubby dinosaur arms, and a six pack. What a sexpot.

    Awesome button. I hope we get to see its mortal enemy soon.

  11. Momo

    I really enjoyed this video. I love art, and draw all the time, so I am curious as to what you used to create that pretty piece of work. Also the song was fun to listen to as well, so nice choice of music. Over all nice video editing, and it’s a good lookig button. I would so buy the set if I could find it in stores.

  12. Mara

    Intense! You both are so talented.

    Her characters are always so interesting …and a lot of the time, salivating…

    I’d definitely buy. I’m sure the finished product will be epic.

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