Listen to SquidLid!

That's hardly a squid at all, actually...

My friend James Fisher has been sending me his music ever since I met him when visiting Toronto for a convention. I won’t get into just HOW we met, but let’s just say I’ll never pay for sex ever again.

So I downloaded his latest stuff recently, a new project of his by the name of SquidLid, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  Nothing’s better than getting sent other people’s work and NOT hating it to where you have to lie and deceive to spare their feelings.  I do it all the time, I tell people this or that is the greatest thing I have ever seen or heard or paid to have sex with while knowing, deep in my heart, that it’s a terrible thing.

I thought some of you would dig this SquidLid stuff so I asked james if it’d be cool to share some of my favorite bits here on my classy internet place.  The email I got back in response was just a huge jpeg of a Panda Bear which I interpreted as a ‘yes’.

I’m warning you…these two tracks have been in my head for DAYS now.  DAYS.  I’m not joking.  HELP ME.

SQUIDLID – Moustache Whacks

SQUIDLID – It’s Not Timmy

Here’s a video of the Squid Lid guys reflecting light, allowing themselves to be capture on video.

Support good stuff, yeah?

BUY SQUIDLID! (Best option for buying as you can choose which format to download in)