New shirts for those afflicted with nudity!

If you’re a regular follower on Twitter you’d know that you probably regret adding me on Twitter.  You’d also be familiar with the fact that each month I name my collective followers something new.

I was overwhelmed by the one or two people begging me to make shirts based on these names and so this month marks the beginning of the Twitter Name of the Month Collection.

This month sees the arrival of the FILTHY DICKENS shirts, complete with flies to mark you as just the sort of fragrant type who’d wear the thing.

Rather than going with a print on demand type of thing such as a Cafe Press, Question Sleep, in association with me, in association with nothing sensible, has teamed up with the fine people at TopatoCo to produce these shirts for the month the name is still active.  I’ll tell you why.

Would you pay over 20 bucks for a shirt that says “Filthy Dickens”?  I sure as hell wouldn’t, and I’d feel even worse asking fans of either filth or Dickens to pay it.  Never had any reason to investigate those p.o.d shirt companies, but for something fast and dirty like a name of the month shirt, the costs versus quality were just silly.  Enter TopatoCo and their ability to make much finer quality items at less of a cost to you, the fine, topless reader in serious need of frivolous garments.

Only downside to this is that, since it’s not a print on demand setup, pre-orders have to be made to give them time to make enough shirts for the people that actually want them, limiting the time you can actually buy them to just about a week!  Get your asses over there quickly so you can hover your mouse cursor over the “add to cart” button, decide you’d rather actually “eat this week” and then move on

June’s name of the month, GOATSPLOSION, however, is a special case and will stick around for a bit, as it seems to have captured the hearts and minds of the people, all of them clamoring to own a piece of this awesome band that doesn’t actually exist.  Get your stinkin’ GOATSPLOSION July tour shirts, yeah?  I made that thing with no small amount of help from Eliza Gauger.  We both hope you make our long hours of screaming back and forth at each other over instant messenger worth it.

There’s a hoodie version, you know, if you’re the type with something to hide.

One neat feature of the TopatoCo site is the option to send in photos of yourself wearing their shirts, so be sure to take advantage of that.  I’m not sure, but I think any photos of you wearing GOATSPLOSION stuff require you to be throwing devil horns.

PEE ESS:  The Crazy Vee’s shop on ToptoCo is kind of a separate entity from my $Z.99 shop, selling mostly things related to my Twitter account and such!  $Z.99 is a fancier place, requiring you to wear shoes and already HAVE shirts before entering.