Help a kid live out his comics dream before he dies of old age.

Don’t change the channel!

I know you want to, because that’s the natural instinct when the screen suddenly shows you some sad-faced kid with flies all over him and you’re wondering why the hell the kid’s not even swatting at them when they’re clearly walking across his eyes and going into his nostrils. Even as you wonder this you’re reaching for the remote because you want to be entertained and watching kids host fly-cons with their heads is not your kind of entertainment at all for some reason.

But wait!

This is about entertainment, and revenge, and murder (not really, but how awesome would that be?)

If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately you’ll notice I’ve been retweeting Aaron Alexovich’s frantic screams for help in getting his comic submission to Zuda Comics to be the ultimate champion this month. As far as I can tell, the winner of this battle of the comics gets enough money to not worry about snacks for several weeks and they continue their comic to complete the story for you guys to read, love and emulate with comedically disastrous results.

I would love to see you end up on the news, explaining through gritted teeth to the reporters why you chopped your arm off like in the comic before you pass out from blood loss, but this just won’t happen if Aaron and illustrator Drew Rausch aren’t allowed to bring the comic to completion.  If they lose, they’ll just end up old men telling stories of how it would have ended to disinterested younger folks who have better shit to do than to listen to two obviously broken old men long past their vital days.  That’s just too sad and just the thought of it makes me laugh but it also makes me sad.

A little about Aaron, so as to help you sympathize and think of him as an actual human being, making it easier for you to do your part and help him win and make that creepy face he makes when he is feeling some approximation of happiness:

Aaron was the character designer on INVADER ZIM and drew some of the most horrifying children and aliens I had ever seen.  Despite that, I think it would be cool to see him win.

Check out some of Aaron’s work on ZIM.

Frankenchokey, famed ZIM cereal mascot

Voting’s almost over with for the month, and the comic, Eldritch, has been neck and neck with another quality entry, so it’s been pretty tense, with both comic entries trading 1st and 2nd place slots seemingly every week!  Voting results are updated weekly, so even though Eldritch is #1 at the moment, the votes for the competition have been surging behind the scenes, so here’s what you can do if you haven’t done so already.

Click on this banner, register to vote (I know, but t goes quickly), then vote, and be sure to rate and fav the comic.  If you have ANY friends, or people that just do what you say because they’ve no real minds of their own, get them to do the same until there is nobody left on the planet who has not voted.  It’s that easy, and you’d actually be helping determine the future of a comic book project, and quite possibly the very future of the human race.


So why do I give a shit, personally?  Well, I wouldn’t say it’s because one comic is better than the other, really.  Let’s just say that, with Aaron coming into the prize money that he’d get from winning this thing, he’d be a pretty sweet target for a mugging, and I could use the cash.

Like I said, it’s super close right now, and they need your help!