The Cabinet of the Ghosts of Gaming’s Past

Man oh man!  I don’t usually plan on going out for groceries and coming home with a burlap sack filled with women, but it’s just one of those things that happen if I’m not wearing that collar the doctor’s put on me.

Generally I deal with it efficiently enough so as to not bring any more problems down on me than usual, but this time I ran into storage issues, so I had to start clearing out some space wherever I could, and that’s what brings me to this silly little post.

Before emptying out a chest to make room for my new friends, I thought it would be fun to document just a few of the items inside of it before putting them in storage.  This thing had become a repository for old gaming hardware from days long past.

Have fun, try to identify as much of the magic as you can while I look on and nod every now and then, taking down notes that you’ll never get to see.

Click on the images to go over to the Flickr page hosting them for the super high res versions!

Maybe I'll be buried in this chest, with maracas in hand like a crook and flail.

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