Really no  time for a post at all today.  Some weird shit going down with this guy and the Rikki interview tape.  A lot of trouble I’m going through, just to give you guys something that sounds boring as hell by the descriptions of it.  Still, I have to drive out to the middle of nowhere to get the tape in person, because the guy apparently has never heard of copying and uploading stuff.

So, yeah, I’m on my way out of here in just a sec, but I have just enough time to maybe drop a wee fact on you for today.


Frank Conniff did not like what I revealed about his abilities and is now pounding on my door.  He has possessed the body of a grizzly bear and is trying to get into my house.  I have shot him ten times and all that does is make him angrier.

I am so sorry for everything I have ever done.

Oh, god…oh god the wall is coming down!

I have