Some Scud Art For Sale! Awwgahd!

He who controls the ink, controls the universe.

So I’ve been trying to get my original artwork situation in check, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably NOT supposed to be all over the floor or crumpled to plug up those weird gaps in the garage door to keep birds from getting into my house.  People come over and express horror at how I take care of my original drawings and sketches, screaming at me to not store old comic pages in pickle jars that are still half full of brine.

I’ve NEVER actually sold any of my original comic stuff, keeping it sequestered away in a closet somewhere, but these odd strays get out, things I did for other people’s books or album covers and such, and those are the ones that just pile up on top of my scanner getting weird, black dust all over them.  So this is the first of some art auctions I figure might clean things up a bit around here.

So this Scud page I did for Rob Schrab gets to be the first, and that’s fine, because Rob’s a monstrous man, and having this around is just a hideous reminder of that.  Just having it near me gets me all clammy, thinking of the way he looks at you with those weird eyes of his.

Holy shit I’m getting all uncomfortable just thinking about it.

Go HERE if you’re interested. (In the art, not the Schrab)

Signing off.