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PSsst. Got some NNY Headshots for ya in my van.



So I had some revised NNY head shots with me this recent San DIego Comicon. If ya recall, the original NNY Headshots were taken down from the $Z.99 store. The ones I took to San Diego were a little different from those older ones, a little more polished and detailed. You can see the changes are mostly in the shadows and the details on the cracks. Juts a bit more dimension, ya see? They won’t be up on the store permanently, however, only until these leftovers sell out.

I hope they sell out soon because they’re kinda going bad and the smell, man…the SMELL. 

JTHM signed headshot prints entering retirement!



One of the first items to go up in my tiny webstore, this print is feeling old and its knees are all wobbly, and it’s time to say goodbye to it as we put it on a boat and set that boat on fire, just like a viking, or that old lady that was being mean to the neighborhood cats.

Grab it by Sunday and say a prayer to PRINT JESUS that this print has a good journey.